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J'Luxe Scents & Co. is a luxury soy candle and body company. The brand is all about being your best self, living your best life, and embracing your inner girl boss. The best feature of the J'Luxe brand is the incorporation of music by Black artists. On the side of J'Luxe candles, there's a QR code that takes you to a music playlist for that respective scent with some of your favorite songs.


These candles make noise musically and with what they symbolize. J'Luxe Scents & Co. is always vocal about supporting the Black community and making room for other Black business owners at the table. I kept this in mind while redesigning the J'Luxe logo and creating mockups. Keeping it luxe, bold, and musical was my focus.


CUSTOM BRANDING PACKAGE - (logo, moodboard, content, labels & mockups)


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